What goes on behind the political scene?In a never-ending war of persuasion, battalions of Armani clad Lobbyists from Big Oil, Big Pharma and Big Finance storm the halls of Congress with buckets overflowing with Ben Franklins.

Of course the financial benefits to the legislators are not quite that obvious – the buckets are more elegantly designed. But those three industries alone employ thousands of lobbyists. They typically spend – just those three – in excess of $400 million a year lobbying. There are millions more in campaign contributions.

And that is all on the surface. What goes on behind the scenes?

Will the shareholders of the Federal Reserve Bank (the major “money center” banks in New York) ever permit an audit of the Federal Reserve Bank? What would it take to accomplish that?

And what is the actual purpose of the Fed? Why do we pay a quarter of a trillion dollars a year in interest on the money the fed prints instead of just printing it ourselves at no cost?

Who is calling those shots and why?

Do politics really matter? Would a Republican President and a Republican Congress move America in a different direction or would they just do the bidding of lobbyists?

And what about the Democrat party, which is now essentially controlled by Progressives and owned by George Soros? Will America continue down his path?

And in the final analysis, are both parties ultimately controlled by international bankers and if so, what do we do about that? What can we do, should we do that would be effective and create change for the better?

The Hard Truth provides answers to these questions as well as a no-holds-barred expose of the purpose and methods of central banks to bankrupt Western governments and bring them under their control and the control of the increasingly despotic World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and ultimately the Bank for International Settlements.

We also investigate the covert agendas of people like George Soros, Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller.

Of course there are those who will seek to dismiss these reports as the conspiracy theories. We ask those that have such considerations that are not actually involved in these dark activities to set preconceived ideas aside and just look – look at the evidence and the results.

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