Sniffing at the negative interest rate doorWhat does one do in a negative interest rate environment?

Despite the specious handwringing over inflationary concerns, deflation now rules with $12 trillion dollars in negative interest rate bonds in Europe and Japan. And Yellen the current chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve is sniffing at the negative interest rate door. Central banks planet wide have been pumping money into their economies with the euphemistically labeled “Quantitate Easing”, while their economies slowing sink into the economic quicksand of recession.

How does one invest in such an environment, or, even protect their principal?

The bear market in precious metals has ended. The metals have reversed and started up trending. Is this the commencement of the long hoped for precious metals bull market?

Should one carry any foreign currencies in their portfolio? Chinese Yuan? Euro? Yen? Pound? Swiss Franc? Aussie dollar? Canadian dollar?

How aggressive should an investor be in moving some of their assets offshore? And if offshore, where? Hong Kong? Panama? Singapore? Belize? Gibraltar? The Cook Islands?

What is the current condition of the real estate market? Is it topping again?
What about owning real estate in a foreign jurisdiction? Argentina? Chile? Ecuador?

Are trust deeds a good investment today?

And what about equities? Despite many reasons it should not, the Dow has broken into highest ever territory. Will it continue? And if so, how high will it go?

The Hard Truth will take up these investment issues and more.

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