Google: Seed Money Was From the Government Intelligence

This is from the lead article from Issue 09 of The Hard Truth:


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When Sergey Brin was developing what became the Google search engine at Stanford in the nineties, he would rollerblade into a room at the University, brief two (non-university) individuals on the progress of his research, answer their questions, listen to their suggestions and rollerblade back to wherever he came from. Those two people – whom we name below – were tied to government intelligence agencies fostering research on massive digital data collection and information systems.


To quote from the astonishing research and subsequent expose by Nafeez Ahmed that is the basis for this article, “Google…had been enabled with a signicant amount of seed funding and oversight from the Pentagon: namely the CIA, the NSA and DARPA.”


If you are not familiar with DARPA, the acronym stands for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and if there is a Doctor Strange Love of the Military Industrial Complex, DARPA gets the part.


….“Google,” says Ahmed, “is a smoke- screen behind which lurks the U.S. military industrial-complex.”



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