Banks will soon be able to confiscate your deposits

Confiscate your depositsThere have long rumors of a new global currency.

To date, they have been just that – rumors.

No more.

A new global currency is replacing the dollar in the central banks of the world “as we speak.” But it may not what be you think it is.

And that is not all the international bankers have been up to.

Important new banking regulations have been promulgated that permit “troubled” banks to take some of their depositor’s money and convert them to bank stock.

You can read that again, the words won’t change. Some deposits in some banks will soon be susceptible to confiscation.

These new regulations were published by the FDIC and reaffirmed by the G-20 (an international body of finance ministers) at a meeting in Brisbane, Australia on November 16, 2014.

I have just finished an in-depth article revealing the action plan for this currency and the new regulations that permit banks to confiscate depositor’s money.

I also provide recommendations on how to deal with this perilous change in American banking regulations

The article will be published in the December issue of The Hard Truth ( If you are a subscriber, I urge you to read this article when we publish it later this month.

If not, I encourage you to subscribe and read it. While I know this sounds self-serving, the article is important. I am always delighted to have new subscribers, really delighted. But beyond that, people need to be made aware of this pivotal change in how banks will be treating their depositors.