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Bail-Ins Are Coming

There has been a great deal of speculation about a new global currency. Various theories have been advanced, and “exposés” have revealed the coming conversion of dollars to a mysterious “Red” currency emerging from Asia like some enigmatic fiscal Phoenix. None of these hidden agendas have ever materialized. But a new global currency is coming. […]

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Common Core – A Look Behind the Wizard’s Curtain

Eight year olds burst into fits of rage, cry uncontrollably, climb walls. Parent’s just quietly tear their hair out. If you are having this kind of experience, you are probably a parent with children being subjected to a new mind-bending educational curriculum called Common Core.   What is Common Core….Really?     Is the agenda […]

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Anatomy Of A Con Job

The threat of environmental crisis will be the ‘internal disaster key’ that will unlock the New World Order”   Is “Global Warming” for real?  Is there really a limit to the amount of crude oil we can access? Corporate accountants can be put in jail for cooking the company books.  What about the UN’s Intergovernmental […]

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CYPRUS the global banking MAFIA

Cyprus, the Mediterranean island tucked into the underbelly of Turkey, was a pilot–a test–of a much larger, global agenda. It reads like a script from a Bond movie.   If only it were fiction…     Your deposit accounts in U.S. banks are not what you think they are.   What would happen if the […]

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The U.S. prison population has exploded 790% since 1980, date coincident with the widely heralded, shamefully ineffective “War on Drugs.” Ninety-four percent of the federal prison population are serving time for non-violent offenses.   With 2.4 million people now behind bars, we are the Jabba the Hut of jailers. America has 5% of world’s population […]

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What Happened to the TENTH AMENDMENT?

  When the Tenth Amendment was written and passed, more than two hundred years ago, the federal government’s duties were such basic actions as defending our nation, delivering the mail, operating federal courts and ensuring commerce between the states ran smoothly. Yet the Constitution was worded in such a way that it could be interpreted […]

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Thomas Pain Vs. The EPA

Whatever happened to Common Sense and The Rights of Man? “When Andy and Katie Johnson built a pond on their property in 2011 to provide water for their cattle, they never dreamed it would result in threats of $75,000 a day in fines from the Environmental Protection Agency.”   Why would the EPA fine Andy […]

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